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Eau Claire Victoria Mansion The Whie House

The A.E. and Georgiana White House is

The Milewski Mansion

of Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Where Craftsmanship and Art Meet


The Milewski Mansion is a treasure for Eau Claire and beyond. 


Built in 1905 by Eau Claire inventors A.E. and Georgiana White who started their business, White Machine Works, there and raised a family this Queen Anne Revival House has many unique and individual touches in both architectural ornament and construction methods.  Today, Galaudet Gallery fine art installs art exhibits often including the house in these exhibits.  Current owner Michael Milewski is working on restoring this gem for the next 100 years and beyond. The Milewski Mansion continues making history within it--a testament to the intellectual, hard-working and artistic sensibilities that have been a longstanding part of the Milewski and Galaudet families as well as Eau Claire.


Experience the architecture, craftsmanship, symbolism and fine art with a Guided Tour of the main floor of this exquisite Queen Anne style building


This 1905 building has been so well cared for there is a shining, antique patina on its floors and woodwork since it never had to be restored.  The intricate wood carvings, symbolic fireplace and other details as well as the  overall sense of history and timelessness offer a one of a kind experience. 


The primary historical name of A.E. & Georgiana White honors this forward thinking couple who built this house over the remnants of an octagon church.  One of the two secondary name of Milewski Mansion honors Michael Milewski's historic restoration work on the building, whose exterior has never been worked on, by first compiling a historic structure report and using it to make restoration decisions.  This architectural wonder, the history making owners of the building  and businesses within it and all their contributions to the Eau Claire community, economy and history make this historic site  a must see to view!  Open to the public during Galaudet Gallery's hours and by appointment. Stop in to view the art of each gallery art show and the and using it to rt of this wonderful building!

Shown above is the A.E. & Georgiana White House and on page background is the historic wallpaper inspired by William Morris wallpaper.

An historic property lends its glory to us "in its deep sense of voicefulness, or stern watching, of mysterious sympathy which we feel in walls that have long been washed by the passing waves of humanity."
--John Ruskin

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