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Tours of
The A.E. and Georgiana White House

Where Craftsmanship and Art Meet

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Experience the architecture, craftsmanship, symbolism and fine art with a Guided Tour of the main floor of this exquisite 1905 Queen Anne style building.  This hour long tour will explain the architecture and  historical residents of this Eau Claire gem. Enjoy learning about the many beautiful architectural elements and symbolism in this intact and well cared space where Galaudet Gallery displays art exhibits.

The tour begins inside and includes the first floor space with insights and revelations that will fascinate and intrigue. 


Visitors to this Victorian gem will be awed by 19th century artistic integrity:


  • hand-carved symbolic woodwork

  • period chandeliers

  • beautiful stained glass windows

  • beveled leaded windows

  • ornate brass doorknobs

  • a New Colombian fireplace with Columbia herself holding the flames of knowledge and life

  • a round tower with rounded glass windows, sills, baseboards and moldings are among some of the wonders to enjoy.

Our guided tour is replete with fascinating information about the building and its finer qualities, the history and its former and current residents and the overall sense that you have stepped inside a work of art.  Contact us for tour information


fluer de lis
fluer de lis
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